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The Attractive Hostess.


The Attractive Hostess is a caring game that you the owner help the fresh hostess Rui to make her dream come true by making her more charming and mature. The game is pretty simple. Touch the appearing merchandise when Rui is meeting her customer and use the money to buy the items which can improve Rui's charm. When Rui's attractiveness increases, a chat will be displayed. The game will continue by chatting. Can you make Rui's dream come true? How's the relationship going to be between the owner and the hostess? ◆Hint for playing◆ ・After the tutorial, make your merchandise completely full and make your merchandise up to level 10. ・Use the Event Item effectively you got from the store business and waiter's information. ・The charm will have a big increase when you use a diamond. Some customers can trigger a special event. You can get a card when the special event is on. ◆Card Type◆ Charm up card Customer event card Sales achievement card Complete card 23 types of cards Special card will be distributed only when the app is released. Check the offical site. ※The distribution will NOT be available inside the app. 【Offical Site】 【Offical Twitter】 Check Rui's daily life and the latest information. Latest illustration may be available after following the twitter 【Illustrator】 Toumei Awards received Japan education art exhibition: win Company gumi Phantom Of Kill Illustration contest: first prize. 【Recommended terminal】 OS: iOS 8 or later Terminal: iPhone 4S or later (iPad is not recommended) 【Exception clause】 ・Ad inside the app. ・Some items are not free. ・Characters are fictional.(Some of the characters are real with all permission) ・This is not an app to encourage you drink a lot. ・Depending on the environment, we can’t promise that all the operation will work perfectly well even with the recommended model. ・We can’t promise all the operation will work perfectly on the latest OS or recommended OS.